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Your Life in Perfect Balance

EXPERIENCE the finest senior living community in Columbus - firsthand

This site is full of everything you could want to know about Friendship Village, and we hope you enjoy learning about it. But nothing beats seeing things in person. Come have lunch and see why we believe we have the best retirement community in Columbus!

The answers you need to live the retirement you want

Throughout our lives, we try to make smart, sensible choices we can feel good about for the long term. It's no different in retirement. But finding a community that rewards you in ways that are both practical and heartfelt can be a bit of a challenge. Here in Columbus, that community is Friendship Village of Dublin, built on quality, stability and attention to detail. You'll see why the unique blend of Lifestyle and Lifecare really does lead to life in perfect balance.

What kind of living options will I have?

We start by freeing you from the burdens of homeownership. Your lovely Village Apartment Home or River Point Villa includes incredible community amenities just steps from your door. Enjoy chef-prepared meals from our own cafe, bistro, buffet or full-menu dining venues. You'll have time for your own pursuits and special interests, but you'll also find a full calendar of programs and engagements right here where you live or on our many outbound trips. You'll be minutes from downtown Columbus. Gallery openings, museum tours, restaurants, the theater - they're all within easy reach. Looking to receive the award-winning care and service of Friendship Village of Dublin in the comfort of your own home? Take a look at our Friendship at Home program today!

You can choose a one- or two-bedroom apartment home or a River Point Villa for the ultimate comfortable living space. Either way, you'll have more than just a place to live, you will have a home.

Will I be happy at Friendship Village of Dublin?

Only you will be able to answer this question, but one thing is certain: Your perspective and your preferences will be recognized and respected. Our residents will tell you that, when you live here, things feel right on every level. You have the satisfaction of knowing your new home is just what you want it to be - beautiful, maintenance-free, surrounded by life-enriching amenities and supported by helpful services. You live among friends whose warmth and consideration fill you with a genuine sense of community. And you know the many benefits and advantages of Lifecare will help protect these good feelings, now and into the future.

We're so confident you'll enjoy living at Friendship Village of Dublin that we'll refund your entry fee within the first year if you don't. A residency counselor would be happy to explain the conditions of our Satisfaction Guarantee.

How does having Lifecare lead to a more balanced lifestyle?

You can't predict the future, but with Lifecare, you don't need to. Lifecare is included with residency at Friendship Village of Dublin, providing long-term peace of mind - basic assisted living and long-term nursing care - when and if you need it, at little extra expense to you. It's the smartest, most efficient way to secure your future against the rising costs of care, and to enjoy a more carefree, fully-engaged lifestyle today.

Your lifestyle can focus on friends, travel, classes, volunteering. You'll find healthy choices that help you live better. New experiences. A solid plan for the future. That's why we're your most complete Lifecare retirement community in Columbus.

What do the people who live here say?

We were always concerned about leaving our home unattended while traveling. That's a thing of the past now. We can close our front door and leave for months at a time without a care in the world.

- Larry & Libby H.

Friends often comment that they'd lose their independence at a community like Friendship Village. They have it backward! People here will never have to rely on anyone for support. We're more independent for much longer, thanks to our decision to move here.

- Virgene H.

People talk about waiting to move until they have to. The problem with that is, few, if any, acceptable choices are left once you've had a health crisis. We decided to come now and enjoy everything they offer here, and maintain our active lifestyle far into the future.

- Robby & Jodi R.

We're Growing Find out about our campus expansion!

Our Campus Expansion

Friendship Village of Dublin is adding new residential options, including the exciting new Flats at River Point and Riverstone Luxury Apartments - a new senior living design concept unseen anywhere in Central Ohio. We’re improving our long-term care residences, adding parking and expanding outdoor gathering spaces.

No retirement community combines Lifecare and lifestyle like Friendship Village of Dublin. Get the facts on everything that’s coming. And see how you can save money now.

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