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Performing With Excellence

Acting with Integrity

We believe unsurpassed focus, diligence and perseverance are required to achieve and maintain a consistent standard of excellence. We believe excellence requires possessing the organizational resolve and determination to perform beyond any expected standard and in ways that develop a confidence on which residents and families can rely.

We conduct ourselves and all business matters with the utmost honesty, a pure motive and no individual self-gain. We believe in doing what is morally right all of the time. We keep our commitments and do what we say we will do ... we keep our word and we follow through. We live this example.

Our Core Values Statement

Core values are the organization's essential and enduring tenets, not to be compromised for financial gain or short-term expediency.

The following Core Values are our deeply held beliefs that define our organization, which we intend to be preserved and to endure over time. They are to serve as the foundation of our organization, our guiding lights and the principles by which our organization consistently lives.

As the bedrock of who we are, performing with excellence means:

  • We continuously strive to exceed the expectations of our residents in meeting their social, physical and emotional needs.
  • The total living experience at Friendship Village of Dublin enhances and enriches the lives of each individual.
  • We embrace the practice of continuous improvement in all areas.
  • We commit to embracing the most up-to-date management tools and technology where and when beneficial.
  • We continuously strive to provide exemplary services as confirmed by third party and internal quality measurement systems.

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Our Mission Statement

To enhance the quality of life of older adults.

Our Vision Statement

To be Central Ohio's premier provider of high-quality, comprehensive, cost-effective Lifecare services for older adults.

Assuring exceptional stewardship

We believe exceptional stewardship is essential to our long-term success and survival. And, further, stewardship of organizational resources is a central responsibility, entrusted to board, management and staff.

Exemplifying mutual respect toward each individual

We believe each and every individual, whether resident, staff member, board member, visitor or service provider, is to be treated with the utmost courtesy, kindness and respect regardless of the situation, relationship or role. We will hold one another accountable to this high standard.