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Opportunities to Support Friendship Village of Dublin

Make a Difference Right Where You Live

Throughout life, there are occasions that are celebrated. Making a contribution to one of the Friendship Village of Dublin Charitable Funds is a perfect way to honor, memorialize or celebrate a person or event. An important wedding anniversary or a special birthday are events that should be remembered. Appreciate a friend's kindness or honor a loved one by contributing to one of our charitable funds. At Friendship Village of Dublin, we strive to enhance the quality of life of older adults and we pursue our mission in many ways, including managing and distributing funds received through various charitable gifts. These funds make a real difference in the lives of all our residents and our ability to help each of them enjoy the highest quality of life possible.

Our Charitable Funds

  • Friendship Village of Dublin Residents' Benevolent Fund was created as a permanent fund, allowing for only the interest income to be spent. The primary use for this fund is to provide revenue to offset the cost for Lifecare residents who have outlived their personal financial means.
  • The John Schwarck Scholarship Fund was created to support selected employees and/or their legal dependents as they seek a college education.
  • The Friendship Village of Dublin Memorial Fund exists to provide revenue to purchase items of benefit to residents throughout the Village.
  • The Rea and Genell Secrest Health Services Fund was recently created to provide additional financial resources to help secure the present and future health and comfort of the residents. Unless otherwise indicated, contributions to the Friendship Village of Dublin Health Services Fund will be directed toward purchasing specialized equipment, community improvements and related expenditures in the following areas:
    • Health Center / Long-Term Nursing Care
    • The Meadows (Assisted Living/Residential Care/Memory Loss Care)
    • Home Services
    • Wellness Center

Upon receiving a gift with an indication of the special recognition, a card (without reference to the amount of the gift) will be sent to the honoree or family member as notification of the donor's kindness. All contributions are tax-deductible to the extent provided by law.

How to Give

There are several options for funding your gift. Cash, appreciated stock, life insurance, marketable real estate and used vehicles are all gift options. You can plan for your future gift with Planned Giving. Competent counsel with expertise in your state laws, tax planning and estate draftsmanship is extremely important in your estate planning process. Your estate planning team should include an experienced lawyer, your accountant, life insurance agent, financial planner and charitable adviser.

  • Currency or Electronic Funds – Cash, check or Electronic Funds Transfer can be used.
  • Appreciated Stock – By giving stock to Friendship Village of Dublin, the donor can avoid capital gains taxes and still receive the full market value of the gift as a charitable deduction for income tax purposes.
  • Life Insurance – Contributors of life insurance can donate a life insurance policy to Friendship Village of Dublin, or simply name Friendship Village of Dublin as the beneficiary. Tax benefits of this gift depend on if the policy is paid up, if Friendship Village of Dublin is named as owner and/or beneficiary, etc.
  • Marketable Real Estate – Due to limited personnel to complete real estate transactions, only marketable real estate with no environmental issues (proof required) can be accepted. Please call for details and approval if interested.
  • Used Vehicles – Through Charity Connections, a joint effort between Friendship Village of Dublin and Volunteers of America, a donor can generate funds for FVD by contributing a vehicle (an automobile, truck, motorcycle, RV, van, boat or other unwanted vehicle). It's hassle-free and can generate a tax write-off. Please call for details.
  • Planned Giving
    • Bequest (Will) – A donor may wish to make a charitable gift to Friendship Village of Dublin by will, which is a legally-executed document that directs how and to whom his/her property will be distributed after death. The donor should meet with his/her attorney to discuss and update the will.
    • Charitable Gift Annuity – A gift annuity is a simple, contractual agreement between one or two donors and Friendship Village of Dublin in which they transfer assets in exchange for a promise to pay an annual premium. It is the simplest life-income gift option. (Note: Friendship Village of Dublin currently provides the opportunity for Friendship Village of Dublin residents in Ohio to acquire annuities directly from Friendship Village of Dublin.) Please contact the Director of Charitable Giving for more detailed information.
    • Revocable Living Trust – A living trust is an arrangement a grantor creates during his/her lifetime to provide for himself/herself and the family, both before and after the creator's death. The grantor can transfer a portion or all of his/her property into the trust, where appointed trustees can manage these assets during the life or after the death of the grantor. It is not a substitute for a will, but provides flexibility.
    • Charitable Remainder Trust – In the creation of a charitable remainder trust, the donor irrevocably transfers money, securities or other assets to a trust that will pay his/her (or another beneficiary) an income for life or for a specified number of years. At the death of the surviving beneficiary, the remaining principal in the trust goes to Friendship Village of Dublin.
    • Charitable Lead Trust – A charitable lead trust is a trust that the estate owner establishes either during life or at death. The income from the trust flows to Friendship Village of Dublin for a stated number of years. After that period, or upon the death of the giver, the assets in the trust are then distributed (usually to family members).
    • Retirement Plan Assets – Retirement accounts are often exposed to high income and estate taxes. Many of these taxes can be reduced or avoided through a charitable gift. These assets can pass directly to Friendship Village of Dublin as your primary beneficiary (with a qualified disclaimer from the spouse) or as a secondary beneficiary.

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Donor Recognition Levels

Annual Giving (Donor Fellowship)

Membership attained by donors who support the Friendship Village of Dublin Charitable Giving Program Funds with cumulative annual gifts of at least the following levels each calendar year:

Leaders' Circle $10,000+ Recognition Listing
Patron Associates $5,000+ Recognition Listing
Mission Supporters $1,000+ Recognition Listing
Fellow Investors $500+ Recognition Listing
Friends of the Village $100+

In addition, a group of donors will be recognized who contribute at least $5 per month ($60 per year) to the Friendship Village of Dublin Charitable Giving Program Funds for the whole calendar year. Since this group is providing key continuous support for Friendship Village of Dublin, they will be titled the Foundation Builders.

Planned Giving (Legacy Society)

Membership attained by donors who support the Friendship Village of Dublin Charitable Giving Program Funds with lifetime cumulative planned gifts, including estate note, will, annuity, life insurance or other planned gift of at least the following levels:

Platinum Society $200,000+ Recognition Listing
Gold Society $100,000+ Recognition Listing
Silver Society $50,000+ Recognition Listing
Bronze Society $25,000+ Recognition Listing
Cobalt Society $10,000+ Recognition Listing
Copper Society $1,000+ Recognition Listing

Note: Legacy Society Plaque recognizes irrevocable planned gifts.

Benefactor of the Quarter

Nominations for FVD Benefactor of the Quarter are accepted from FVD Residents, Staff and Families. This recognition highlights those individuals or groups who have gone beyond the ordinary in their dedication to Friendship Village of Dublin and to the FVD Charitable Giving Program. They truly see the long-term benefits of the program and have shown their enthusiasm through action!

First Quarter 2011 – Friendship Village of Dublin Village Store
Second Quarter 2011 – James Olsen
Third Quarter 2011 – Betty Brown
Fourth Quarter 2011 - Bob & Betty Crook
First Quarter 2012 - Robert & Catharine Warmbrod
Second Quarter 2012 - Helen Shaeffer
Third Quarter 2012 - Ralph & June Shunk
Fourth Quarter 2012 - Robert & Elaine Koehler
First Quarter 2013 - Rob & Jodie Robinson
Second Quarter 2013 - Dick Wood
Third Quarter 2013 - Edward & Marianne Naber
Fourth Quarter 2013 - Marianne Rusis
First Quarter 2014 - Richard W. Smith
Second Quarter 2014 - Mary Lewis

For more information about charitable giving, please contact:

Judi Brinson
Friendship Village of Dublin 6000 Riverside Drive
Dublin, OH 43017