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Rehabilitative Care That Offers Peace of Mind

Expect patient-centered care and extraordinary attention

Whether you are looking for long term care, sub-acute care, transitional care, skilled nursing or rehabilitative care, the Health Center at Friendship Village of Dublin is here to serve you. With an interdisciplinary team of caring, compassionate, experienced rehabilitation professionals, you can reach your goals for recovery.

Highly trained in recovery and recuperative care

The rehabilitation team consist of physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech pathologists partnering with you, your family and care staff to give individuals who have experienced debilitating illness or injury both opportunity and hope for restoring their functional independence. It is our focus to help you return to your optimum level of function, in a home like environment, so that you may have a better quality of life.

Physical therapy for patients with pain and movement dysfunction resulting from injury, disability or disease, will help improve your balance, strength and mobility. With proper evaluation and treatment, physical therapy minimizes pain and disability and maximizes functional potential.

Occupational Therapy improves your everyday living skills, including bathing, dressing and eating, and helps patients with disabilities to return to their lives through the use of therapeutic methods, applied and assistive technology and environmental modifications.

Speech-Language Pathologist assesses and treats your communication, memory, problem solving and reasoning skills. They can evaluate and treat problems with swallowing.

The compassionate staff at Friendship Village of Dublin is committed to excellence. We are committed to offering a great care experience with an emphasis on improving your quality of life.

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Rehabilitation and physical therapy for seniors

The team of rehabilitative professionals at Friendship Village of Dublin offers expertise in specialty healing areas including:

  • orthopedic injuries
  • back and neck injuries
  • amputations or joint replacements
  • chronic pain
  • stroke
  • cardiopulmonary dysfunction
  • post-surgical conditions
  • neurological disorders
  • wound care
  • antibiotic therapy
  • chronic disease management

Because each person's needs are unique, treatment is individualized for you based on your physical limitations, abilities and goals for recovery. Skilled therapy services are provided up to three hours a day up to 7 days per week by a consistent team of therapy professionals. Personalized care and services are provided by nurses specializing in rehabilitation medicine. Physicians are accessible 24/7 for patient management.