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Lifecare Makes A Difference

A Sound Investment in Your Future

With the assurance of Lifecare, you can live a vibrant lifestyle today without worries about the potential cost of additional care tomorrow. No matter what level of supportive living you may need in the future, you're entitled to receive it right here. You'll get exceptional, compassionate care that fits your needs, giving you seamless access to a range of supportive living environments, including assisted living, memory support and nursing care.

Ask almost anyone who lives here, and chances are they'll tell you that Lifecare was the primary reason they chose Friendship Village of Dublin over all the other options available to them in the Columbus area, including other continuing care retirement communities. Lifecare residents pay an entry fee plus a monthly maintenance fee that stays nearly the same no matter how much care is needed. People interested in Lifecare are realistic and want a plan in place. You can save a lot of money in the long run, as well as enjoy the security of knowing you have priority care at a predictable cost.

Everything you need

The full range of care is available here: on-site doctor's office, home care services, assisted living, memory support and long-term care. Through any physical challenge, you can remain surrounded by the resident community and staff who care about you. This removes the uncertainty of having to relocate during the pressure of changes in health.

Assisted living allows our Lifecare residents who need additional help to continue living in a comfortable, familiar community. The third option in the continuum of care is our Health Center: a 60-bed licensed center, offering exceptional long-term care and short-term recuperation to residents who need it.

At Friendship Village of Dublin, we strive to maintain a quality of living in an environment that feels like home. Our attention to detail and array of services makes the difference between a good lifestyle and a high quality lifestyle.

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A sense of security

If you are healthy, you may be attracted to Lifecare, as it offers predictability and stability, even though you may have long-term care insurance. You are guaranteed housing, services and nursing care all in one location through the end of your life journey. When most people have to deal with medical problems as they occur, at prevailing — and skyrocketing — costs, Lifecare residents have all-encompassing care at rates they can count on.

The Lifecare Difference

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