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Perfect Fitness Environment - We Have It

We have one of the best pool and fitness centers among Central Ohio retirement communities

Our Olympic-size pool is always maintained at an inviting 86 degrees. Swim on your own or join one of our beginners to advanced water aerobics classes offered daily. Our Wellness Director, Jeanne Joseph, is a certified group fitness instructor, personal trainer and yoga instructor and will put you through your paces, if you wish. Jeanne and her staff can set up a personal training plan for you that includes exercising in our fabulous pool.

The Wellness Center

The Wellness Center at Friendship Village includes an exercise room with state-of-the-art cardio and strength equipment, an aerobic room with a new Beechwood floor and a beautiful 22-meter pool. The Wellness Center is staffed by the Wellness Director and a part time group fitness instructor/personal trainer. All residents are assessed and receive an equipment orientation before becoming a member of the Wellness Center. Based on the resident assessment, we provide recommendations for both exercise prescriptions and class suggestions.

Many group fitness classes are offered both on the land and in the water. The classes include:

  • Balance – a 30-minute class that focuses on patterns of movement, strength, flexibility and balance.
  • Chair Yoga – a 35-minute seated class that encompasses deep breathing, stretching, strengthening and meditation.
  • Fun with Fitness – a 30-minute seated/optional stand aerobics class with fun music and dance movements.
  • Stretch & Strengthen – a gentle/beginner 30-minute class that combines light stretching and strengthening.
  • Ladies Strength – this class is designed to teach women the proper technique and the different apparatuses for strength training and to empower them to be confident and strong.
  • Aqua Aerobics – a 45-minute rigorous water workout that also includes strengthening.
  • Arthritis Aqua – a 45-minute water exercise that follows the Arthritis Foundation guidelines.
  • Water Walking – a 30-minute gentle water exercise class that includes variations of walking.

The Village Way Wellness Program

At Friendship Village of Dublin, your health and wellness are always top priority. Throughout the past several years, residents and staff have created a culture and lifestyle that promote and emphasize health and wellness through various programs, activities and events. As we continue to expand our focus on wellness, we are defining the elements of what health and wellness really mean at Friendship Village. Consequently, we have introduced our new wellness initiative called The Village Way.

Our wellness program takes a whole-person, community-wide approach to health. The goal of the program is to continue to create and emphasize services centered on your interests and expectations.

We have identified nine dimensions of wellness as a framework for The Village Way program. These dimensions include Physical, Nutritional, Social, Emotional, Spiritual, Environmental, Vocational, Intellectual and Health Services. Within the physical and nutritional dimensions, Friendship Village offers several fitness classes on the land, and in the pool, and provides many dining venues including heart healthy dining choices.

Our Activities and Art departments have many programs that include outings, music and art lectures that encompass the social, emotional and intellectual dimensions. The campus at Friendship provides beautiful walking paths and gardens, creating opportunities for spiritual reflection and enjoyment of the environment. Sharing hobbies, learning to paint, volunteering and/or serving on committees are all part of the Vocational dimension. We have and will continue to creatively expand and improve our lifestyle programs so we can offer even more programming that encompasses these dimensions and promote wellness.

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Personal Training

As we move forward with The Village Way Wellness program, one of the new services we will provide is an opportunity to purchase personal training. We have found that many residents enjoy and flourish with individualized attention and those being released from physical therapy tend to be more successful in their continuum of care with one-on-one training. Depending on your fitness level, personal training can take place in the Wellness Center or in your apartment.

Massage Therapy

Twice a month, a licensed massage therapist comes to Friendship Village for the convenience of our residents. Many enjoy the relaxation and relief that comes with massage therapy.

"The Wellness Program at Friendship Village of Dublin has been one of the most important aspects of my eight-year residency in independent living. My knees were arthritic and the padding in the shoulder joints were deteriorating. I enrolled in Balance and Strength classes help three times a week for 30 minutes. Twice a week, I attended a 45-minute class in the pool doing exercises approved by the Arthritis Foundation. The time has been well spent because I can walk distance independently, climb stairs and drive a car. I feel blessed to have the counseling and instruction under Jeanne, our Wellness Director, and the classmates who make exercising enjoyable."

- Geri F.

Meditation Classes

Stress Management is a big concern for many people, especially later in life. You face numerous strains that you probably have never faced – loss of loved ones, loneliness, disability and unanticipated financial strain. Because of physical and chemical changes due to aging, it becomes increasingly difficult to bounce back from these stresses. Meditation has been shown to strengthen the immune system and physiological responses to stress and negative emotions. It also reduces stress, depression and anxiety and increases well-being.

Wii Bowling

Many residents enjoy the fun and competitiveness of Wii Bowling. We offer bowling leagues two to three times a year for those that would like to be a part of a team. A championship game is played at the end of each eight-week league. Besides being fun, the physical benefits include lowering blood pressure, improving hand-eye coordination, weight loss and muscular endurance.

"The Wellness Center has been much more to me than a place to exercise. It has become my go-to place when I need to be lifted up. We cannot escape this need in our lives because our health issues are day-to-day. With the Wellness Program, I am moving toward recovery and I am so grateful. Questions from other residents about my progress with my exercise program was the final push I needed. I hope I can offer this kind of support to friends of mine as you have done for me."

- Dick W.

Walking Club

During the warmer months (May through September), we offer a weekly outdoor Walking Club. Friendship Village has beautiful walking paths and is fortunate enough to be near a park. Residents enjoy the exercise, fresh air and beautiful scenery.