3 Reasons to Move to a Retirement Community

Aerial view of Friendship Village of Dublin's campus

[Updated: March 14, 2023 | Published: October 30, 2017]

If you’re retired, your kids are on their own and you want to enjoy your free time by pursuing your passions — without the stress of maintaining your home — moving to a retirement community may be just what you need. At Friendship Village of Dublin, we think retirement should be relaxing and stress-free — so we’ve designed our community to help make that possible!

Our residents prove that living in a community like Friendship Village of Dublin can make retirement the best time of your life. Here are the top three reasons we believe everyone should consider moving to a retirement community like ours:

1. No more housework

Home ownership can be amazing, but what’s not so great is all the housework that comes along with it — especially the outdoor maintenance. Let’s be honest, no one really enjoys shoveling a foot of snow first thing in the morning, and in Ohio, we can get quite a bit of snow. When you live at a retirement community, this becomes someone else’s responsibility, and you’re free to spend your time however you want.

2. A Friendly Community

How often do you go on fun trips and outings at home? At Friendship Village, we offer an array of activities each week. Interested in trying a new card game, catching a show downtown or volunteering for a good cause? We have everything our residents could want, all in one place. We even have an Adventure Club group for our more daring residents!

3. Safety

We may not want to think about what our future care needs will be while we are enjoying retirement, but it’s good to know a plan is in place should we need any help. Since Friendship Village of Dublin is a Lifecare community, community members have the peace of mind that there is a plan in place should they need any additional care for the rest of their life.

These are just a few of the many reasons we believe a retirement community is an ideal place to spend retirement. What are some of your reasons for choosing a retirement community?

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