5 Gift Ideas for Retired Loved Ones

[Updated: April 26, 2018 | Published: December 15, 2017]

Great gifts for your retired parents or grandparents can be a challenge to find. Older adults have received many gifts over a lifetime of holidays and frequently don’t need or want anything new. Here are some creative gift ideas that retired relatives will love.

Tickets to events

Tickets are always an exciting gift that provides an experience rather than a physical item. There are plenty of great options including the ballet, theater or musical performances. Tickets to sporting events such as football, basketball or hockey provide the opportunity to make a new memory together.


If your relative is good with gadgets, consider gifting a tablet or smart phone that makes it easier to stay in touch through text messaging or video chatting. A Kindle or other eReader also makes a great tech gift for the bibliophile in your family. Even if your loved one isn’t great with technology, an iPod pre-loaded with their favorite music can make for convenient music listening.

Practical Gifts

Great gifts can be as easy as items that make everyday living more effortless. A lighted magnifier, battery-operated can openers, humidifiers or grabbers are all tools that make great practical gifts to make life easier for your loved one.

Custom gift basket

Many retired adults have hobbies they love. A custom gift basket loaded with everything needed for a favorite hobby is fun to assemble and a joy to receive. If your loved one can no longer participate in a favorite hobby, consider a subscription to a related magazine.

Charitable donation

For the person who has it all and is difficult to shop for, a donation to their favorite charity made in their honor is a great gift that everyone can feel good about.

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