9 Dimensions of Wellness for Senior Living

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[Updated: March 14, 2023 | Published: September 23, 2020]

Want to live life to the fullest as you age? Focus on wellness, say senior living experts!

The concept of wellness is almost as old as civilization itself. In 600 BCE, Greek Philosopher Thales offered a simple prescription for the good life:

“Who is happy?” he wrote. “The person who has a healthy body, a resourceful mind and a docile nature.”

Thriving The Village Way

At our central Ohio senior living community, we help Residents thrive through nine dimensions of wellness. Together, they make up the vibrant senior lifestyle we call The Village Way!

“People often think about wellness in terms of physical health, but it encompasses so much more,” says Wellness Director Jeanne Joseph. “To feel well and be well requires all nine dimensions of wellness.”

Jeanne leads a team of 11 in our Wellness and Community Life Departments. Her team  supports Residents through wellness dimensions described below.

“Through The Village Way, we tie everything together to help Residents live their best lives,” says Executive Director Rita Doherty.

1. Physical Wellness

Asian couple exercising for physical wellnessPhysical wellness helps us get the most out of life – without undue fatigue, pain or bodily stress.

Daily habits such as exercise, proper rest and personal hygiene support physical wellness at any age.

“We nurture physical wellness through a range of fitness programs – from group and video fitness classes to personal training at our Ash Run fitness center,” Jeanne says.

Residents also get their hearts pumping by roaming walking trails on our 29-acre campus. Tend raised beds in our gardens. Swim in our indoor Olympic pool. The options are endless!

Those who need help with personal hygiene and activities of daily living always have help at their fingertips. It’s all part of our LifeCare® promise!

2. Social Wellness

We all yearn for social connection – especially now, when staying safe requires social distancing.

Social wellness is a top priority. We offer Residents a full calendar of planned social activities, clubs, classes, arts and crafts projects, Bible study and other ways to connect.

“Most of the programs we offer encompass social dimensions of wellness,” Jeanne says. “Whenever people come together, there’s socializing.”

We Put the Social in Social Distancing

Bocce at Friendship Village of DublinWhen the going gets tough, our Wellness Team gets creative! Here are a few examples of the social fun Residents enjoy:

  • Farmers markets
  • Live concerts
  • Bocce and miniature golf tournaments
  • Visits from Columbus Zoo animals
  • A street fair complete with fair food and a dunking machine!

Residents say they love living here

“What I love most about Friendship Village of Dublin is they have a lot of interesting things to do., says Resident Mary S.

“You cannot be bored.  You’re always meeting nice people. Everybody’s friendly. The food is fantastic!”

3. Emotional Wellness

gardening reduces stress for emotional wellnessEmotional wellness programs help Residents manage their feelings and cope with stress in healthy ways.

“Many our programs have an emotional component,” Jeanne says. “Music and dancing evoke positive emotions. Visits from support dogs offer unconditional love. Support groups help caregivers cope.”

Residents also enjoy stress-relieving fitness classes, swimming, meditation, gardening, arts and crafts and serene walking paths.

Especially in times like these, seniors living in Life Plan communities like Friendship Village of Dublin may enjoy such emotional benefits as:

  • A positive mood
  • Fewer feelings of isolation
  • Greater life satisfaction
  • Lower stress
  • An optimistic outlook on life

“They have done a great job of keeping us healthy and happy,” says Resident Dick G.

4. Spiritual Wellness

Bee on sunflower symbolizes spiritual wellnessSpiritual wellness gives meaning and purpose to life. At Friendship Village of Dublin, we support many paths to spirituality.

Residents may attend Bible study or meditation groups – or find spiritual connection through nature in the beautifully landscaped grounds, gardens and walking trails on our 29-acre campus.

Our non-denominational chaplain conducts church services and offers spiritual counseling.

Personal pastors and spiritual leaders are always welcome for safe, socially distanced visits.

5. Intellectual Wellness

Intellectual wellness is about stimulating the brain. At our Columbus Life Plan community, we help Residents hone knowledge, feed curiosity and express creativity.

Learning has no age limits here. “We have a vibrant lifelong learning program,” Jeanne says. “With professors from The Ohio State University and other colleges among our Residents, there’s a lively intellectual discourse.”

A partnership with Otterbein University offers collegiate-quality lifelong learning.

And, through our partnership with the Senior Connections Program at Cleveland University Circle, Residents explore a monthly theme.

6. Nutritional Wellness

Healthy appetizers support nutritional wellnessNutritional wellness keeps the brain sharp, strengthens the immune system, increases energy and helps manage any chronic health problems.

“We offer heart-healthy and gluten-free options to support each Resident’s dietary needs,” Jeanne says. “And our dietitian is here for personal nutritional counseling.”

For dining safety during the pandemic, chef-prepared meals can be delivered to your door, picked up at our grab-and-go locations or enjoyed outdoors.

Farmer’s market and farm-to-table programs support local farmers and a healthy planet.

Breaking Bread Together Deepens Connections

al fresco dining After the pandemic forced closure of communal dining rooms, Friendship Village of Dublin introduced Alfresco dining on the patio outside our Legacy Dining Room.

With white table cloths, formal place settings, wine and personal table service, our Culinary Services Department has created a fine dining experience outdoors.

“We encourage Residents to come out and dine with people on their floor,” Jeanne says. “This helps nurture friendships with those living closest to one another.”

7. Senior Health Services 

At Friendship Village of Dublin, we consider senior health services a vital component of wellness.

That’s one reason we offer central Ohio’s only on-site medical practice through Central Ohio Primary Care (COPC).

Our Residents can receive essential medical care without ever leaving our campus!

Internally, our Health Center team also supports Resident health through weekly blood pressure clinics, periodic presentations and an annual health fair every February.

8. Vocational Wellness 

rockinghorse crafted by a Friendship Village of Dublin residentVocational wellness puts life skills to work.

“So many people bring their talents to Friendship Village of Dublin,” Jeanne says.

“Our professors share their knowledge, while executives, photographers, homemakers, artists, wood workers, singers and others find new outlets for their gifts.”

Residents also take an active role in managing our non-profit retirement community.

“Knowing that they have a hand in running things offers a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction to those who serve on our many resident committees,” Jeanne says.

9. Environmental Wellness

Apartment at Friendship Village of DublinEnvironmental wellness requires a healthy and inviting living space!

Inside and out, Friendship Village of Dublin is designed to lift the spirits and cater to your creature comforts.

Home maintenance becomes inconvenient as we age. Senior living communities like ours remove the stress of home ownership so you can enjoy all retirement has to offer.

Safety is a top priority – and even more so during the pandemic. We promote safety through stringent adherence to CDC and Health Department protocols.

Sanitizing, mask-wearing, hand-washing and social distancing keep Residents and Associates safe.

I love all the people and all of our social activities, and I don’t have to clean or cook anymore. Yay!” say Jim and Barbara B.

Love Life to the Fullest at Friendship Village of Dublin

The Village Way helps residents thrive through our holistic approach to wellness.

Street Fair at Friendship Village of Dublin“All of our programs incorporate multiple dimensions,” Jeanne says. “We had a successful street fair this summer, with music, food, games and dancing – all in a  beautiful, safe outdoor environment where everyone wore masks and practiced social distancing.”

“Everyone had a great time; they were happy. For some, the music evoked emotion and brought back fond memories. Dancing provided physical exercise. Visiting with friends added social benefits. Who knew that wellness could be so much fun?”

Are You Living Your Best Life?

If you’re yearning for more adventure, comfort and connection, you owe it to yourself to explore The Village Way – where it’s healthy to have fun! We invite you to schedule a tour to learn about all we have to offer!

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