A Peace of Mind for All: The Benefits of LifeCare Communities

[Updated: October 28, 2019 | Published: October 28, 2019]

“Real independence comes from the peace of residing in a community where assistance is available gradually, as needed, to compensate for the natural effects of aging.” — Friendship Village of Dublin resident 

For adults at or near retirement, the need for quality care to ensure independence is essential. At Friendship Village of Dublin, this need is met with one simple answer: LifeCare. 

LifeCare is a financial structure that bundles residential services and on-site care, protecting your assets while ensuring quality care is always accessible. This service provides residents and their loved ones a peace of mind, protecting both their physical and financial well-being. 

When weighing your options, it’s important to understand the true benefits of a LifeCare community. 

Guaranteed Care

LifeCare provides assisted living, skilled nursing, short-term rehab, and memory care support, to ensure you’re taken care of for life. This means our residents are guaranteed a continuum of care throughout retirement — at one predictable cost, even if needs change. Also, with a variety of plans available, seniors are able to choose the best care coverage for their stage in life.

Financial Coverage

You’ve worked hard to build your financial resources, and healthcare costs can break the bank. Along with a continuum of care, LifeCare protects you from rising healthcare costs as residents are able to receive immediate assistance with no cap on maximum coverage or length of care. 

A Peace of Mind for All

Retirement should be worry-free for both seniors and those closest to them. With coverage and security throughout retirement, LifeCare ensures your loved ones that their family member or friend is protected, both physically and financially. This helps lift the burden of coordinating quality care off the shoulders of each loved one. 

When planning for retirement, be sure to consider the peace of mind that comes with becoming a member of a LifeCare community. 

Are you looking for a community that lets you thrive in retirement? Friendship Village of Dublin offers an all-inclusive retirement experience that brings together social connection, high-end amenities and holistic LifeCare services — all for a steady rate, regardless if your needs or circumstances change as you age. If you’re interested in learning more about our community, schedule a visit.

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