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Friendship At Home helps you agein place with home-based Lifecare

[Updated: October 18, 2023 | Published: December 23, 2021]

Couple with their dog who want to age in place in the homeAccording to a recent AARP study, 75 percent of adults 50+ want to remain in their homes and age in place after retirement. But few have a plan to stay in their homes as their needs change.

That’s why we created Friendship At Home. By offering a home-based version of our popular LifeCare program, this unique membership program can help you thrive in your home while maintaining your active, independent lifestyle.

“If you’re 62 or older, qualify for LifeCare, and don’t feel ready to downsize, leave your neighborhood or move to a senior living community, you’ll want to consider Friendship At Home,” said Executive Director Rita Doherty. “Once you are in our Friendship at Home program, our plan provides up to full assisted living, nursing home and hospice care coordination in the privacy of your own home.”

What is Friendship At Home?

Affiliated with Friendship Village of Dublin, Friendship At Home is an innovative membership program that helps central Ohio seniors age in place by combining some of the best elements of:

  • Continuing care/LifeCare retirement communities
  • Assisted living communities
  • Full nursing home care
  • Long-term care insurance
  • Senior home care services providers
  • Comprehensive care coordinators

This affordable membership plan protects your savings and health so you can remain independent in your own home as you grow older. You will never have to move unless you want to.

A Worry-Free Lifestyle At Home

Testimonial rom Friendship At Home membersFor decades, Friendship Village of Dublin has provided life in perfect balance to our residents through LifeCare. This all-in-one package of flexible services, amenities and future health care, if needed—at a predictable cost—gives residents the security to live life to the fullest at every age.

Today, you can enjoy a home-based version of LifeCare through Friendship At Home. When needed, members receive up to 100% coverage for help with daily living tasks—up to assisted living and nursing home care in your home.

A Lifetime Plan to Age in Place

Care coordinate helps couple create a plan to age in placeWhen you become a Friendship At Home member, your personal care coordinator meets with you to discover how you want to spend your retirement years and what you need to enjoy a fulfilling life in your home and community.

As a next step, your care coordinator will help you create a plan for the future that covers all stages of life and levels of care. You specify how, when, and where you want to receive care.

Comprehensive Care Coverage

Depending on your needs and wishes, your support can range from help with a few activities of daily living to assisted living, nursing home care and even coordination of hospice care in the comfort of your home.

As situations arise, your care coordinator will help you navigate through these events, coordinating services such as:

  • Emergency response system
  • Companions
  • Home Health Aides
  • Live in services
  • Transportation
  • Meals

Your monthly membership fee remains steady, even if your needs change as you age.

And, if you need extra home maintenance services like lawn mowing and snow removal, your care coordinator can arrange those, too! We maintain relationships with trusted service providers that come highly recommended.

24/7 Care Management

Think of your coordinator as a home care concierge, there for you 24/7, even when you travel or move to another residence. Your coordinator:

  • Gets to know you and what is most important to you.
  • Arranges in-home care and other services as needed.
  • Advocates to carry out your plan according to your wishes.

Give Peace of Mind to Yourself and Your Family

Friendship At Home helps you secure a future on your terms by developing a plan for the “what ifs” of life. For example:

  • What if you fall and break your ankle?
  • Or your spouse struggles with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia?
  • Or you simply need help with activities like getting dressed and preparing meals?

Your pre-planned Friendship at Home plan will spell out how to handle common contingencies, and your care coordinator will carry out your wishes. You’ll receive the safety and security you and your family desire, and you’ll remain the decision maker.

Senior couple cooking with grandchildrenYour plan relieves pressure on your loved ones to provide care or to decide for you during an emergency.

As a member, you have more time, less stress and more security—all at a predictable monthly fee. And, you can relax and enjoy time with your kids and grandkids—all in the comfort of your own home!

An Alternative to Long-term Care Insurance

Friendship At Home helps protect you from the growing costs of long-term care. More flexible, comprehensive and affordable than long-term care insurance, you can receive immediate care with no cap on maximum coverage.

Plus, you won’t have to worry about forms, deductibles and negotiating with caregivers. Your care coordinator takes care of worrisome details!

Remember, Medicare and private insurance rarely cover in-home care services. As a LifeCare plan, Friendship At Home covers and arranges services to help you age in place safely in your own home.

A Bridge to Community Life

columbus seniors raise a glass while dining outYour needs and desires may change as you grow older. Your neighborhood could change, or favorite friends could move away.

If at any point you long for more connection, companionship and a vibrant community life, you can take advantage of our bridge program to become a Friendship Village of Dublin resident.

Is LifeCare At Home for You?

Available for adults 62 and older, Friendship At Home has too many unique benefits to cover here.

For a personal consultation, please call Friendship At Home at 614-881-4468. Or, use the contact form at the link below.

You can discuss your unique circumstances and discover whether Friendship At Home is right for you.






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