Bring Your Cars, the Garages are Ready!

White garages to store cars

[Updated: August 2, 2018 | Published: June 15, 2016]

It was all hands on deck today as our residents started to move items into their new garages. The excitement doesn’t stop there; there’s been progress made on both the Flats and Riverstone Apartments! Check out our plans for the next two weeks:

The Flats

Building 6772: Continue Foundation CMU Walls, Elevator Pit waterproofing and backfill of perimeter walls, Electrical underground rough-in, Set precast columns

Building 6766: Continue Foundation CMU walls, Elevator Pit waterproofing and backfill of perimeter walls, Plumbing underground rough-in

Building 6758: Continue CMU Foundation walls, Install plumbing sump pit

Building 6741: Start CMU Foundation Walls



Finish Electric and Plumbing Rework for Demolition (intermittent utility shutdowns will occur over the next 2-3 weeks at B-Wing Apartments)

Start B-Wing North Demolition

Download as printable PDF.


Newly finished white garages with grey roots on blacktop

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