Construction Update: Riverstone Apartments and Friendship Center

[Updated: February 20, 2023 | Published: February 5, 2018]

We’re excited to share an update on construction progress on both the Riverstone Apartments and our lobby Friendship Center/Clubhouse Caf over the past couple months. Construction is in the final stretch with anticipated completion in spring 2018. Below are some recent accomplishments and an overview of our work crew’s next steps.

Riverstone Apartments

Last week, Ruscilli crews were setting cabinets, templating countertops, and laying floor tiles on the first three floors. On the fourth floor, they’ve put finishing touches on the drywall, and in the courtyard they completed work on the east wall’s stone.

Future Riverstone Apartment kitchen under construction

Over the next two weeks, the crews will finish setting cabinets, templating countertops and laying tiles while starting to work on trim throughout the first three floors. They will also begin painting the fourth floor. Outside, the stone walls are set for completion and the crews will continue pouring sidewalks, reworking pipelines and installing HVAC equipment.

Friendship Center/Clubhouse Caf

Construction crews spent the last week continuing mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) rough-ins and completed several miscellaneous metal framing projects. They also cut in windows, completed the brick veneer and started setting the stone veneer.

Construction in main lobby

For the next two weeks, they will continue MEP rough-ins and inspections. Other miscellaneous metal stud framing projects will also be completed.

Check back over the coming weeks for more updates on our construction progress. If you’re interested in becoming a part of the Friendship Village of Dublin Community or moving into these beautiful  Riverstone Apartments, let us know through our contact page!

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