Fashionable After Fifty

[Updated: April 26, 2018 | Published: August 2, 2017]

Some people may not view seniors as fashion icons, but this group has proven that style doesn’t have an age limit. Dressing well never goes out of style – as evidenced by many celebrities who know a thing or two about looking good at any age.

Being a Fashionista isn’t just about wearing the newest, most stylish clothing; it’s also about being confident and accentuating your positive features. The blog Sixty and Me has great fashion tips for seniors. Here are a few of our favorites:

1. Consider changing your hair – There’s nothing more refreshing than getting a new cut and color. Women tend to get into a rut and stick with the same hairstyle for years, but a new style could work wonders for your self-confidence. Some celebrities are even dying their hair gray – this proves more than anything that seniors are already on trend!

2. Show off your smile – Your smile is one of the first things someone will notice about you. Take care of your teeth and show them off! Even if you don’t feel great, fake it until you make it. Studies have shown that just the act of smiling, even if you’re faking it, can help lift your mood.

3. Update your wardrobe – We all have those clothing items that we’ve kept around forever, but what was on trend 10 years ago may not be in style anymore. Sometimes a small change, even something simple such as getting a new purse or necklace, can go a long way. There are many tutorials and online articles for advice on picking out new clothing items.

These are just a few tips for channeling your inner Fashionista after age fifty. The most important thing is to do what makes you feel the most confident, because that is when you will look your best!

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