Five Friendship Village of Dublin Residents Recognized at Local Art Show

[Updated: January 9, 2020 | Published: July 12, 2019]

Creativity and curiosity last well into retirement as seniors are able to spend time doing what they love most. For five Friendship Village of Dublin residents recognized at a local art show, this statement reigns true. 

Held in mid-May, the Annual Martin Janis Creative Arts Event showcases the works of central Ohio seniors age 50 and above, with submissions ranging from paintings to written pieces. While a few residents of Friendship Village were first-time attendees, participants such as Dick Wood returned for the second go-around with multiple works up for review. 

“I participated for the first time last year, and this year I submitted three paintings,” said Wood, a thirteen-year resident of Friendship Village of Dublin. “I didn’t consider myself an artist, but when I started painting two years ago, I thought I would risk it.”

For experienced painter and five-year resident Stuart Wright, this event allowed him to showcase his abilities that stemmed from a life-long hobby. 

“This was my first time submitting pieces, but I have been painting for a long time,” said Wright. “I started in my 40s or 50s with oil painting, which I really enjoyed, and then switched to water colors — my apartment is full of different types of paintings.” 

Throughout the event, participants and guests were able to witness the variety of talents held by central Ohio seniors as several rooms were full of creative pieces and colorful artwork.  

At the conclusion of the contest, awards were presented with Wood receiving a blue, first place ribbon for his painting titled “Stream of Consciousness” and Wright receiving Best in Category for his impressive works. Residents Ann Dippel, Ann Vick and Dolores Goetz were also recognized. 

While the contest may be over, these artists never tire of expressing their creativity and interests through artwork. Both Wood and Wright express their appreciation for the Friendship Village of Dublin art room and social connections formed, along with the opportunity to become life-long learners. 

It’s been interesting to be able to meet new people, some of whom who were amateurs or  senior artists who rediscovered their talents once they retired,” said Wood. “We have exceptional teachers who truly understand color and the mixing of paint — they are so helpful.”

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