Flats Being Framed

Construction framing for the flats

[Updated: August 2, 2018 | Published: August 26, 2016]

Our 16-unit Flats building is being framed with the other 3 buildings to follow. See construction update below:


Sitework & Utilities

Perform permanent sanitary reroute now that city has signed re-design



Clean up landscaping

Start irrigation, subcontract Award letter sign for Oakland Irrigation

RCC and Andy Howland to finalize trees with Darby Creek, release and get done


Utility Pump House/Entry Feature

Metal roof, Gutters and downspouts



Complete the carpentry trim work

Finish pavers, Irrigation, Landscaping



Building 6772: Prep for exterior framing, CMU shafts

Building 6766: Pour first floor concrete topping, Prep for exterior framing

Building 6758: Continue CMU walls

Building 6741: Continue CMU walls



Continue foundations

Start foundation walls


Aerial view of foundation continuing to be laid

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