Friendship Village Hurricane Relief Efforts

[Updated: April 26, 2018 | Published: September 21, 2017]

When Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma struck in Texas and Florida, the community members at Friendship Village of Dublin knew they wanted to do something to help. The associates and residents got together to collect donations for the disaster relief.

Friendship Village of Dublin decided to work with LeadingAge because of their focus on supporting seniors. Donations have been gathered from both residents and staff, and most FVD residents are donating already through their church or the American Red Cross. The residents at Friendship Village are a philanthropic bunch!

100% of all donations will go directly to LeadingAge members and their staff to cover a range of needs including basic supplies such as food and water.

Thank you to all of our staff and residents for donating! We’re proud to be part of such a giving community.

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