Friendship Village of Dublin’s Book Club Embraces Lifelong Learning

[Updated: March 22, 2019 | Published: March 21, 2019]

At Friendship Village of Dublin, implementing intellectual activities is essential when serving a community of lifelong learners. An avid reader herself, Marian Keller found that forming a book club helped connect residents with all types of backgrounds and interests.

“Norma Reynolds and I started the book club a few years ago and, at the time, we received our books from the Dublin Library,” says Keller. “Their recommended books were delivered and distributed to our members.”

After witnessing the success of this program, Keller and Reynolds felt a change in formatting would allow participants to have more say in the genre of books being read.

“In November, we announced to members that we were meeting to discuss the formation of a new book club,” says Keller. “This new format gives members the opportunity to recommend a book they’ve read or would be interested in reading.”

Now, once Friendship Village of Dublin book club members complete the assigned reading, the member who proposed the suggestion is responsible for holding a review session. These reviews allow members to discuss the book from many different facets, opening the floor for discussions, opinions and key takeaways.

“It has turned out to be pretty successful as we now have about 26 members who attend each meeting,” says Keller. “We read a variety of genres, whether that be fiction, nonfiction or more historical.”

As for the future of the Friendship Village of Dublin Book Club, Keller mainly looks forward to the next assigned reading proposed by a fellow member. A few of the selections in 2019 include The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane, A Gentleman in Moscow and The Girl with Seven Names.

“The books we read are a mix of different things,” says Keller.

While the book club allows Friendship Village of Dublin residents to engage their minds, Keller, a South Carolina native, also believes this book club connects a community of well-rounded individuals.

“Not only is reading relaxing from the turmoil of today’s news, but it opens the mind up to a number of new topics,” says Keller. “I think it’s important to get out and interact with others so you can learn about their experiences as well.”

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