How Solo Agers Can Thrive in Senior Living Communities

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[Updated: July 30, 2023 | Published: December 21, 2020]

Did you know that one-third of Baby Boomers (today’s 59 to 77-year-olds) are single?  Increasingly, these solo agers are turning to senior living communities like Friendship Village of Dublin to enjoy a secure and vibrant lifestyle.

“Solo agers are drawn to the companionship, amenities and activities of our LifeCare community,” said Executive Director Rita Doherty. “They enjoy the freedom of an active, independent lifestyle, combined with the assurance of future care at a predictable cost if they need it.”

Solo Agers: A Growing Group with Unique Needs

American families have seen dramatic structural changes over the past half century. Family roles evolved as men and women reached equal participation in the workforce. Changes in rates of marriage and divorce, coupled with a drop in fertility levels, resulted in smaller families.

Because of these and other trends, solo agers might not have children or other close family relationships to offer support as they age.

According to a 2012 study in The Gerontologist, most solo agers never married or are divorced. Only 10 percent are widowers. And, by 2030, about 16 percent of women 80 to 84 will be childless, reports AARP.

Solo agers can find companionship, engaging activities, and ongoing support in senior living communities.

Friendships Help You Age Well

men solo agersIn aging well, friendships may be more important than family relationships, according to research by Michigan State University.

In two studies, Assistant Professor William Chopick observed that friendships help stave off loneliness but are often harder to maintain across the lifespan. “Keeping a few really good friends around can make a world of difference for our health and well-being,” he said.

Other studies show that strong social connections can ward off anxiety, stress, depression, and other mental health issues as you age.

Senior living communities offer an opportunity for solo agers to start new friendships with like-minded peers. Many Friendship Village of Dublin residents say camaraderie is one of their favorite things about living here.

“You’re always meeting nice people! Everybody’s friendly,” said Resident Mary S.

Downsizing to a Maintenance-free Life

As you age, home and lawn maintenance become more of a chore, eating up precious hours you could spend enjoying life. Without help from a partner or children, keeping up with these chores can become even more challenging for solo agers.

Downsizing from a single family home or condominium to a senior living apartment offers freedom from home upkeep, fewer household chores and less worry about monthly bills. No more mowing the lawn, shoveling snow or spring cleaning!

Love Life to the Fullest The Village Way

At our central Ohio senior living community, we help Residents live their best lives through nine dimensions of wellness we call The Village Way!

We nurture residents’ physical, social, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, nutritional, senior health services, vocational and environmental wellness through integrated, holistic programs and services.

Solo agers benefit from an all-inclusive lifestyle that brings together everything they need to thrive as they age.

Cozy Apartments for Solo Agers

solo ager woman in apartmentAt Friendship Village of Dublin, our cozy, one-bedroom apartments come with everything you need to thrive.

Residents enjoy a carefree life filled with engaging companionship, abundant activities and luxe amenities, including:

• A 29-acre campus along the Scioto River, where flourishing gardens and walking trails bring nature close to home.
• Chef-prepared meals in four upscale dining areas.
• Lifelong Learning classes, clubs, library, arts and crafts studio and woodworking shop.
• On-site concerts, events and our own cable and movie channels.
• Two on-site fitness centers.
• An Olympic-sized indoor pool.
• Beauty and body services in our new Springwater Spa.

Our residents also enjoy the only on-site medical practice in a central Ohio senior living community. Operated by Central Ohio Primary Care, the practice allows residents to visit their primary care physician and receive other medical services without leaving our campus.

Live Worry-free, With LifeCare

Friendship Village of Dublin offers LifeCare, an all-in-one package of flexible services, amenities and future health care at a predictable cost, so you have more freedom to enjoy your active, independent lifestyle.

LifeCare guarantees access to assisted living, skilled nursing, short-term rehab and memory care support—all on-site within the familiar and friendly campus at Friendship Village of Dublin.

LifeCare protects you from the spiraling costs of long-term health care. Your residency agreement covers independent residency plus the cost of long-term nursing care, basic assisted living, and memory care support at substantial savings.

If you’re yearning for more connection, excitement and security, you owe it to yourself to explore Friendship Village of Dublin! We invite you to schedule a visit to learn how you can live your best life surrounded by friends and activities.








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