Painting at the Flats!

Outside view of the Flats

[Updated: April 20, 2018 | Published: May 31, 2017]

This week we got the permit approved for River’s Edge Cafe, so now we will begin designing the layout. The Flats and Riverstone apartments are coming along smoothly as we’re continuing to make progress with the walls and starting to paint. See what else we have planned for the next two weeks!

flatsThe Flats:

Building 10: Continue exterior soffit and fascia. Continue drywall, ceilings, painting, setting cabinets, doors and trim. Continue architectural metal panels. Begin setting unit furnaces and site flatwork.

Building 9: Continue drywall hang and finish. Continue metal stud framing, painting, setting cabinets, doors and trim. Begin architectural metal panels.

Building 8: Continue hanging and finishing drywall. Begin paint prime.

Building 7: Continue stone and brick veneer. Continue hanging and finishing drywall.


Continue metal stud and soffit framing. Continue window installation, curtain wall installation, stone veneer, MEP rough-ins and air barrier. Set trusses and sheathing at B-Wing connectors.


Complete any open punchlist items

Offices (B-Wing):

Complete any open punchlist items. Continue additional requested work.


Continue stone veneer. Finish setting roof drains. Pour topping slab. Continue electrical rough-in. Start HVAC ductwork, insulation and pain prime.

River’s Edge Cafe:

Layout and excavation footing upon receipt of dimensional information from Engineer.

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