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Enjoy Lifecare for Life through Friendship Village of Dublin

[Updated: April 27, 2023 | Published: April 27, 2023]

Attention Columbus seniors! Our new LifeCare for Life program allows you to secure your future NOW if you’re not yet ready to move into our premier senior living community.

You’re active and independent today. Still, you never know when that might change. If you or your partner experienced a health emergency tomorrow, where would you go for care after leaving the hospital? Who would make arrangements for support services, rehab or long-term care? And how would you pay for it? If you’re counting on long-term care insurance, check the policy’s exclusions and waiting periods.

Consider that occupancy rates at senior living communities are near record levels. We currently have only a few independent living apartments available to welcome new Residents at Friendship Village of Dublin.

Plus, long-term care and senior services costs are rising faster even than inflation! For example, home healthcare costs have increased 650 percent since 1980 and now average about $4,600 per month.

Instead of worrying about who will arrange and provide care and how much it will cost, gain peace of mind with LifeCare for Life. You and your loved ones will know you’re prepared for unexpected health changes with a plan that protects your well-being and financial security.

What is LifeCare for Life?

Happy senior couple embracing on park bench.LifeCare for Life is a new program for those who are interested in living at Friendship Village of Dublin in the future.

Perhaps your preferred floor plan isn’t available. Or you’re just not ready to sell your house and move. Whatever the reason, LifeCare for Life allows you to enjoy LifeCare now through our Friendship at Home program.

LifeCare is a prepaid long-term care plan that covers you for life. If the need arises, you enjoy guaranteed access to higher levels of care at a predictable cost.

This all-in-one package offers flexible services, amenities and access to future healthcare, giving you more freedom to enjoy your active, independent lifestyle.

What is Friendship at Home?

senior couples entertaining at homeFriendship At Home protects your savings and health so you can continue living in your home until you’re ready to make a move to Friendship Village of Dublin.

If you’re 62 or older, you could qualify for this unique membership program, which provides all the best elements of a senior living community while you’re still in your home.

Allow Friendship at Home to:

  • Help you plan for an active, independent lifestyle and the “what ifs” of life
  • Offer you 24/7 access to a personal care coordinator who advocates for you
  • Coordinate medically necessary support services as you need them
  • Provide up to full assisted living and nursing home care in the privacy of your own home

If you choose, you can receive needed care in our Waterford Place Assisted Living, Alderwood Health & Rehab and Rowan House Memory Care communities.

As an extra benefit, you can take advantage of amenities on the Friendship Village of Dublin campus, including our indoor swimming pool and fitness centers.

Plus, Friendship at Home offers a Bridge Program that allows you to transfer to Friendship Village of Dublin when the time is right.

Learn More About LifeCare for Life!

Sound interesting? Then call a LifeCare for Life advisor today at 614-426-0334.

And, if you’d like to consider joining our Future Residents List, you can use the form below to schedule a visit to our scenic, resort-style community along the Scioto River in Dublin.





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