Redefining Healthcare: How Friendship Village of Dublin and COPC Help Seniors Heal at Home

[Updated: October 24, 2023 | Published: April 29, 2019]

The recovery process after a medical event can be overwhelming, especially when placed in an unfamiliar environment. That’s why our community partnered with Central Ohio Primary Care (COPC) — one of the largest healthcare providers in the state — to open a full-time primary care practice in the heart of our campus.  

Research shows that those who recover at home have only an 8.6% chance of being readmitted while those who stay in the hospital have a 15.6% chance due to infections and other factors. For seniors, these numbers increase. This partnership will help ensure the correct level of care is available to seniors in a convenient location — eliminating unnecessary trips to the hospital and associated health risks.  

Below are a few benefits this partnership will provide our residents by helping them heal at home:

Quicker Recovery

When care is provided in a familiar environment, inpatient stays are two days shorter on average than those without hospital home-care. This allows the member to heal in a comfortable space less prone to hospital acquired infections. With COPC, members are cared for while they heal, helping to keep them healthy and happy throughout the process.

A Familiar Environment

Seniors recovering within their community will likely better understand their care needs because they are familiar with their daily routine. This helps provide the best care quality while allowing the patient to decide when and where care is received. Even visitations are more enjoyable because there are no space constraints for loved ones looking to help in the healing process. Sleeping patterns may also be normalized, improving patient recovery times and preventing sleep-related stress.

Financial Stability

Hospital care costs can quickly add up depending on the care needed and length of stay. When comparing costs of a hospital stay to those of healing at home, members save approximately 70% more when being care for at home.  With the addition of COPC at Friendship Village of Dublin, our members will continue to benefit from our LifeCare services with no additional costs. With predictable monthly fees, all-inclusive care and tax benefits, LifeCare allows members to heal with peace of mind.

Remain Connected

Recovering from a medical event surrounded by loved ones and fellow community members provides both companionship and stability. With the ability to actively participate in a retirement community, members are still able to foster relationships with those around them and create memories that take their mind off previous events. This sense of belonging is essential to the healing process, and remaining surrounded by those who love and care for you makes healing much easier.

Are you looking for a community that lets you thrive in retirement? Friendship Village of Dublin  offers an all-inclusive retirement experience that brings together social connection, high-end amenities and holistic Lifecare services – all for a steady rate, regardless if your needs or circumstances change as you age. If you’re interested in learning more about our community, schedule a visit.


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