Roof Trusses On!

roof trusses

[Updated: August 1, 2018 | Published: November 3, 2016]

We’ve hit some major milestones this week including the final touches on the Pavilion and wood stairs in one of the Flats Towers! It’s been great to see the progress we made over the fall and we’re excited to continue the hard work! Check out what the next two weeks will look like for us:


Site work & Utilities

Fine tuning of the irrigation system. Continue to plant miscellaneous trees and shrubbery. Install sidewalks by east retention basis up to B-Wing (parking spaces at the south end of the east basin will be temporarily closed while the sidewalk is being installed).



Complete landscaping work. Finish adjusting the irrigation system.


Utility Pump House / Entry Feature

Begin the punch-out of the pump house.



Touchup mulch along new sidewalk.



Building 10: Windows delivery moved to mid-November, Continue permanent wood stairs in stair Tower A, Continue stone veneer ground floor level.

Building 9: Start roof truss sheathing.

Building 9/10: Continue mechanical duct, plumbing, electric, and fire suppression rough-ins.

Building 8: Continue wood framing.

Building 7: Continue CMU work. Finalize contract for underground utility rework Water Lines, Storm Sewer for Access Road between buildings 7 and 8.



Complete concrete walls. Place slab to column line K. Deliver forms and material to begin shoring. Continue waterproofing. Finish final run on underground plumbing and install remaining sumps when received. Continue with underground electrical conduit. Prep the remaining concrete slab on grade area. Continue coordinating MEP penetrations through post tensioned slab.



Continue with MEPs demolition.



Continue with demolition (after Nov. 2nd).



Water Meter Building and Pavilion both have Final Certificate of Occupancy. Week of October 31st, Start Friendship Community Center Lobby Renovation & B-Wing Office Renovation. Week of October 31st., Start Bistro & Cooler / Freezer Addition


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