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[Updated: February 4, 2021 | Published: February 4, 2021]

Did you know that Assisted Living and Memory Care are two of the most in-demand senior living services in Columbus, Ohio?

Memory care programs cater to those living with Alzheimer’s, dementia or other memory problems. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, over 5 million people in the U.S. have some form of dementia. It affects memory, thinking, behaviour and the ability to perform everyday activities.

Although no cure now exists, memory care can help people live their best lives despite the challenges of cognitive decline.

At Friendship Village of Dublin, Residents enjoy person-based memory care in our Waterford Assisted Living apartments and our Health Center.

Barbara Holiday leads a team of medical professionals in providing memory care. They enrich Residents’ lives using innovative techniques such as sensory stimulation.

Each team member has completed training in the CARES® Dementia Program developed with the Alzheimer’s Association.

Stimulating the Senses in Memory Care

Sensory programming for memory careAs memory and reasoning abilities decline, people with dementia often interpret the world through their senses. Stimulating these senses helps them connect with memories.

Our sensory stimulation programs address taste, smell, mind and sight, touch, and movement.

For those living with dementia, stimulating the senses can increase feelings of comfort, decrease agitation, and even improve sleep.

Making Sensory Stimulation an Adventure

Our memory team makes each sensory stimulation experience an adventure!

For example, Residents received fresh corn on the cob this summer. They removed the outer husks and silk before taking the corn to the kitchen for cooking. This activity stirred senses of touch, smell and taste!

Eliciting responses to smell and taste is vital, as many people living with dementia forget to eat and drink.

Residents receiving memory care eat healthy snacks twice a day, giving them an opportunity to enjoy tastes and maintain a healthy weight.

Sampling drinks with different flavors each day helps maintain hydration.

Aromatherapy in Memory Care

woman samples aromatherapy oils

Scent triggers some of our strongest memories and associations!

Studies have shown that aromatherapy with essential oils such as lavender, lemon balm,  peppermint, bergamot and rosemary can help people living with dementia.  Some reduce anxiety and agitation. Others stimulate appetite and memories.

Residents who want to take part receive aromatherapy with aromatic oils in their rooms.

They can also experience aromatherapy in groups during hand washing with warm water and wash clothes. Having their hands washed before meals helps calm Residents and make mealtime more pleasant.

Using Technology to Stimulate Memories, Mind and Sight

Computer screen with memory care programsFriendship Village of Dublin has a new computer software program called iN2L (It’s Never Too Late.)

The program acts as a cognitive stimulator and helps those living with dementia engage with those around them.

The program uses interactive media to reach those living with dementia. These media emphasize a slower pace and use simple language.

Two popular modules are babies laughing and vivid fish swimming in an aquarium.

The iN2L system also provides programs that can reach into a person’s past and help them connect with their memories.

Some enjoy watching and listening to the Ohio State University Marching Band, known as The Best Damn Band in the Land.

Vocational Programming

At Friendship Village of Dublin, memory care workers offer Residents with beginning dementia activities that connect them to their life’s work.

Office workers might receive a typewriter or papers to file and sort. A homemaker or mother might be given little cleaning jobs or a baby doll to care for. These activities make them feel useful and give purpose to their daily lives.

Compassionate Touch®

Compassionate touch holding handsOne of the most basic human needs, touch can connect Residents to their past, give them a sense of purpose and foster feelings of connection.

Following State of Ohio mandates, every two years our memory team adopts a quality improvement project. For 2020, they chose Compassionate Touch®.

Studies support Compassionate Touch® to reduce behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia and promote positive engagement with memory care staff or family caregivers.

A touch saying “I care about you” is especially helpful for those with sight and hearing issues, as lack of sensory input may lead to feelings of isolation.

Compassionate Touch uses a kind of light massage to communicate caring to Residents. The staff is training to perform a light touch to hands, back and feet for two or three minutes. Touch can take place with our without music.

Everyone needs human touch! Residents who receive this non-invasive, drug-free therapy show more positive attitudes, even if they have no memory of the touch itself.

Movement in Memory Care

Physical activities stimulate the mind and help maintain physical strength and balance.

Staff lead Residents in hand, arm, and leg exercises. Even those with more advanced dementia can raise their hands and express some motion.

The memory care team adapts rules for miniature golf, kickball, volleyball, bocce, darts – and even horse racing – to fit Residents’ needs.

Looking for Columbus Memory Care? Explore Your Options!

If you’re considering memory care in Columbus for yourself or a loved one, we invite you to explore Friendship Village of Dublin.

Through LifeCare, our nonprofit senior living community enables Residents to thrive well into retirement. Our plan offers access to assisted living, skilled nursing and memory care support for a steady rate, even if needs change.

You’re invited to schedule a safe, socially distanced visit to learn about all we offer!







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