Summer Demolition Continues

[Updated: August 3, 2018 | Published: July 7, 2016]

The summer heat hasn’t slowed down our progress. While many of our friends are vacationing, we are continuing to make big steps in our renovations. Here’s what you’ll see for us in the month of July:


Sitework & Utilities

Complete Boulder outcroppings wall



Demolish the old garages, July 5th



Building 6772: Continue CMU walls, Slab on Grade, 7/25/16 set precast deck

Building 6766: Continue CMU walls, 7/25/16 set precast deck

Building 6758: Continue CMU walls

Building 6741: Continue CMU walls



Continue B-Wing North Exterior Demolition, complete 7/1/16.

Start B-Wing South Exterior Demolition, Start 7/6/16

Drill Rig- (Retention Wall), Mobilize Tuesday 7/5/16, Start 7/6/16

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