The Value of LifeCare: A Daughter’s Story

Photo of former resident and her daughter

[Updated: November 27, 2023 | Published: November 27, 2023]

In honor of Giving Tuesday, we’re happy to share this letter from Kevan Lunney. Her mother, Resident Madelyn Rupp, passed away after 16 vibrant years at Friendship Village of Dublin.

A Daughter’s Gratitude for LifeCare and the Residents Benevolence Fund

“I know it’s uncommon to speak openly of finances but I will do so gladly to explain my overwhelming gratitude for the generosity of the donors to the Residents’ Benevolent Fund at Friendship Village of Dublin,” Kevan wrote.

“Mom enjoyed 16 beautiful years at Friendship Village. She moved in after Dad passed and after she had endured an extensive back surgery.

“At the time Madelyn moved in she was thinking about new friends, not having to cook, walks in the gorgeous gardens, and strolls through the many local shops. She was not thinking that she would thrive like a weed there! She was not thinking that she would eventually sell her car, buy a scooter, live long enough to move to 3 different apartments and eventually to assisted living. She was not thinking she would survive Covid during lockdown! She was NOT thinking she would live to 95 years of age and outlive her savings!

“I cannot fathom the scenario, had we been forced to move her; thank goodness for LifeCare and the support of the Residents’ Benevolent Fund! Realizing the benefits of a community like Friendship Village of Dublin at any age is a relief, but one certainly appreciates it even more at an advanced age once the funds have evaporated.

“Mom never lived an extravagant lifestyle. She didn’t take trips or spend excessively. She did live a long and healthy life – longer than any of us expected thanks to her wonderful community. No one moves into Friendship Village of Dublin expecting to need help from the Residents’ Benevolent Fund, and we were very grateful to have this generous help for Mom.

Madelyn Rupp and her daughter Kevan Lunney
Madelyn Rupp and her daughter Kevan Lunney

“Because of your kindness, compassion and generosity, life, instead of being disrupted, continued to be blessed with all the gifts that Friendship Village of Dublin offered Mom.

“Your gifts are uncountable, and include community, friendships and laughs, and safety and healthcare.

Thank you hardly expresses it,

Kevan Lunney

Good health and blessings to you.”

You Can Impact Lives through Friendship and Gratitude

Phot of the main entrance to Friendship Village of Dublin.More than a place to work, more than a place to live, Friendship Village of Dublin is an ever-growing family.

Through Friendship and Gratitude, you can impact the lives of all who call Friendship Village of Dublin home.

You can make a difference through a gift of volunteering or a tax-deductible donation to one of our charitable funds:

  • Greatest Need Fund
  • Residents’ Benevolent Fund
  • Dublin Scholarship Fund
  • Health Services Fund
  • Capital Projects Fund
  • Community Enrichment Fund

To learn more or donate, please visit our philanthropy page.

We can’t wait for you to join our family as we continue to serve our Residents and grow our community!



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