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[Updated: August 1, 2018 | Published: April 11, 2017]

We’re glad you found our blog – now would you like some recommendations on other blogs that might interest you? Whether it’s travel advice, healthy aging or style tips, these senior blogs have all the information a baby boomer could need. Here are our top five favorite senior bloggers to follow:

Senior Planet: This blog celebrates aging by sharing information and resources that support aging with attitude. Senior Planet helps those born before the digital revolution to stay engaged and active by bringing a digital-technology focus to a range of topics – health, sex and dating, art and design, senior style, travel and entertainment.

Time Goes By: Time Goes By covers a variety of topics – from retirement, age discrimination and ageism, media, health, love and sex, culture, technology and more. Many writers contribute to this blog, allowing for a variety of perspectives and expertise.

The Roaming Boomers: Have some free time after retirement to travel? Then The Roaming Boomers is the right blog for you. Carol and David Porter are the writers behind it all, sharing their travel experiences and giving recommendations on where your next trip should be. Even if you don’t travel, you can read about what’s going on in other parts of the world and live vicariously through their travels.

Better Health: This blog is a network of popular health bloggers including doctors, journalists and other healthcare professionals sharing their expertise and advice on healthy living. Although this blog is not specifically for seniors, you can find a surplus of information of medical information that encourages healthy aging.

Life Part 2: This blog encourages continuing to live your dreams after retirement. The man behind Life Part 2, Jonathan Look, believes that retirement is just another reason to carry out your best life and demonstrates how you can live happily and healthfully.

Do you have any other senior blogs on your must-read list? We’d love to hear about them.

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