Top Five Signs You’re Ready for Independent Living

Graphic: Top 5 signs you're ready for independent living

[Updated: March 30, 2023 | Published: March 27, 2023]

Columbus seniors: are you ready to move to independent living? If you’re looking for a healthy, active lifestyle with the freedom to do what you love, the right senior living community can be your ticket to thrive.

But how do you know when the time is right to explore your senior living options? Your situation is unique, so there is no perfect answer. The “right” time for you will depend on factors like your health, finances, family support and current living situation.

Still, there are signs that suggest you’re ready to explore independent living options. Read on to learn about five of the most common indicators.

1. Home Maintenance Is a Bore

Senior man handling plumbing home maintenanceIs home maintenance becoming a drag on your time and energy? Then you might be ready for independent living!

Chores like cutting grass, shoveling snow, cleaning toilets, sweeping floors and washing windows are never really done. Tasks that once seemed easy, like climbing ladders, cleaning gutters and scrubbing floors, become more tiring and time-consuming as we age.

Over time, home upkeep also becomes more expensive. Eventually, you’ll need to repair or replace features like the roof, doors, windows, flooring and appliances. Outside the home, walks, driveways and landscaping will need attention. Keep in mind that delayed maintenance may lower the price when you decide to sell.

dining at Friendship VIllage of DublinYou might even lose your appetite for activities you once enjoyed, like cooking. Senior living communities like Friendship Village of Dublin will tempt your palate with chef-prepared meals and restaurant-style dining experiences that offer opportunities for socialization and delicious cuisine. So maybe it’s time to hang up your pots and pans?

You’ll find the benefits of independent living include all the comforts of home without the hassles. Staff members take care of chores for you. And communities are designed for the safety, comfort and convenience of seniors like you.

As Resident Margaret T. says, “We are surrounded by continuous care and a wide variety of opportunities from which to select. At the same time, we are freed up from shoveling snow, roof repair, yard care, gutter cleaning, plumbing issues, etc. We are living the good life.”

2. You Feel Overwhelmed by Stuff

older couple downsizingIs all the stuff you’ve accumulated dragging you down? It’s no wonder! The average American household contains over 300,000 items.

Possessions consume time and energy. How many hours a day do you spend moving, storing, cleaning, maintaining, repairing, replacing or disposing of things you own?

Moving from your home into the independent living neighborhood of a retirement community can help reduce clutter while giving you more time to focus on living. And you’ll have plenty of room to display your most precious possessions where you can see them!

Friendship VIllage of Dublin senior living communityYour independent living home may be smaller, but a community like Friendship Village of Dublin allows you to right-size your life.

You’ll enjoy benefits and services that you don’t receive in your own home. Instead of maintaining a home library, swimming pool, wood workshop or garden, for example, you’ll share access to luxurious versions of these amenities with your neighbors.

3. You Feel a Little Lonely

Lonely senior man looking out window.It’s normal for social circles to grow smaller as we age. After retirement, we often lose connections with work colleagues. Friends, neighbors and family members move out of state or pass away. Your once-vibrant social life gradually dwindles.

Living alone can lead to feelings of loneliness and depression and affect your health in other ways. For example, research from the American Heart Association shows that social isolation and loneliness increase the risk of death from a heart attack.

Social connections may protect your health in other ways. A nine-year study of adults over 65 found that seniors who had social and community ties lived longer than those with fewer contacts.

Residents celebrate Mardi Gras.Senior living communities provide opportunities to socialize and make friends with like-minded peers.

From parties, game nights and book clubs to exercise classes and volunteer projects, there are countless to stay engaged and connected. Residents at Friendship Village of Dublin can choose from over 100 planned social activities each month!

Strong social connections also help give you a more positive outlook on life. As Resident Millie H. says, “Friendship Village of Dublin offers numerous opportunities to develop friendships with a wonderful group of residents. I enjoy the various activities and numerous exercise classes.

“I believe that staying active and engaged with other residents makes us all happier.”

5. You’re Concerned About Your Future Health and Long-Term Care

senior woman in wheelchair with carefiver in senior living communityDid you know that over 70 percent of adults who reach 65 will require at least some long-term care services during their lifetimes, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services?

Choosing an independent living apartment in a LifeCare community like Friendship Village of Dublin offers peace of mind for the rest of your life. As an independent living resident, you can take advantage of the vibrant senior lifestyle we call The Village Way – nine dimensions of wellness programming to help you live your best life at every age.

To manage your health, you can even walk to medical appointments at our on-site senior medical practice operated by Central Ohio Primary Care.

Through LifeCare, you receive guaranteed access to basic assisted living, skilled nursing, short-term rehab and memory care support at a predictable rate, protecting you against rising costs of long-term care.

Even if your needs change and you need to transition to Waterford Place Assisted Living, Alderwood Health & Rehab or Rowan House Memory Care, you’ll be able to stay in the community you love, on the same campus as your partner and friends.

5. You Want Freedom to Live Your Best Life

Senior ladies with ice cream conesSenior living communities like Friendship Village of Dublin are increasingly popular because they offer the perfect balance of freedom, safety and care for mature adults who want to keep living life on their terms.

With maintenance-free living, you have more time to do what you love most, like traveling, visiting with family or pursuing hobbies and interests. You’ll live a full, active life surrounded by others who share similar interests and experiences.

In fact, the best time to choose independent living is while you’re healthy and active. This gives you plenty of time to settle in, make friends and enjoy your community’s activities and amenities.

Find Your Place to Thrive!

Are you ready for independent living that helps you thrive at every age? At Friendship Village of Dublin, you’ll enjoy social connection, high-end amenities, abundant activities and holistic LifeCare services – all for a predictable rate, even if your needs or circumstances change as you age.

The sooner you explore your options, the sooner you can start enjoying all the amenities and benefits of central Ohio’s premier senior living community.

If you’re interested in joining our community in 2023, we invite you to schedule a visit soon using the form below. Or, call 614.426.0334 to speak with one of our residency counselors.









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