Webinar: Estate Planning 101 for Solo Agers

Estate Planning for Solo Agers

[Updated: September 29, 2021 | Published: September 29, 2021]

If you’re a senior without grown children—one of the nation’s 15.2 million solo agers—it’s important to ask yourself, “What happens when I can no longer care for myself?”

As they grow older, parents often rely on adult children to arrange care and help with decision-making. But solo agers must become self-reliant, especially when they live alone.

That’s why estate planning is so vital for solo agers. You must develop legal directives to cover contingencies and choose a team to handle life decisions in the event you can no longer manage for yourself.

You’ll also want to consider options for covering long-term care—the single biggest unpredictable expense facing adults after they retire.

LifeCare at Friendship Village of Dublin offers an affordable way to cover long-term care. This all-in-one package of flexible services, amenities and future health care guarantees access to assisted living, skilled nursing, short-term rehab and memory care support.

Sign Up for Our Zoom Webinar on Estate Planning for Solo Agers

Join Friendship Village of Dublin and Adam Huffman from Jarvis Law Office at 11 a.m. October 14 to learn about estate and long-term-care planning for solo agers.

We will help you map out a future to ensure you have a system in place for all your needs.

Register for the webinar by calling 614-363-2501 or using this link.

Bring your list of questions to ask our senior living and estate planning experts. We look forward to helping you find answers!



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