What Should You Look For in a Senior Living Community?

Throughout retirement, you may begin considering different senior living options and what choice will be the most beneficial for your desired lifestyle. 

Your happiness, along with that of your loved ones, is essential when settling into the next phase of life. And, for seniors, the need for quality care throughout retirement to ensure independence is essential — at Friendship Village of Dublin, this need is met with Life Care

There are a number of factors to consider when determining where you would like to spend retirement. Below are four important considerations when looking to move into a senior living community.   


Whether you’ve spent your whole life in one city or have recently moved to the area, where you choose to spend retirement matters. Consider what necessities are located around the senior living community and if there are opportunities to share them with loved ones near and far. 

Accommodating Residences

Downsizing from your longtime home to a smaller space can be an adjustment, especially when you’ve collected a lifetime of memories. As you visit different communities, determine what will accompany you in the move. Also, consider the amount of space needed and types of gatherings you plan to host in your new home. 

Guaranteed, Quality Care

Ensuring your long-term care needs are taken care of throughout your retirement is important for peace of mind. Numerous Life Plan Communities provide different levels of care as needs change to ensure you’re taken care of throughout retirement. In our community, residents gain immediate access to assisted living, skilled nursing and memory care support.  

Amenities Offered

You will find that retirement offers additional opportunities to learn something new or continue a lifelong passion. And, taking part in different hobbies keeps you active while creating connections with fellow residents. When searching for your new home, experience the activity and wellness centers to see if there is a specific hobby or offering that peaks your interest. Additionally, speaking with current residents to learn more about the variety of lifelong learning activities and community adventures they’ve participated in allows you to imagine the active lifestyle in store for you as a resident. 

What Will I Find at Friendship Village of Dublin?

It’s important to choose the senior living option that allows you to thrive throughout retirement. Residents of Friendship Village of Dublin retire with a peace of mind knowing they reside in a community where beautiful residences, unexpected amenities and exceptional care are always available. Our residents can choose from a variety of spacious apartments and enjoy their favorite activity through a number of resident-focused programs — all within minutes from downtown Dublin and other central Ohio attractions. As a Life Care community, we provide a continuum of care that protects residents for the rest of their lives. This financial structure bundles residential services and on-site care, protecting residents’ assets while ensuring quality care is readily accessible. 

Whether you’re beginning to create a retirement plan or are looking for a community to call home, we hope these helpful tips will allow you to find the senior living option right for you. 

Are you looking for a community that lets you thrive in retirement? Friendship Village of Dublin offers an all-inclusive retirement experience that brings together social connection, high-end amenities and holistic Life Care services — all for a steady rate, regardless if your needs or circumstances change as you age. If you’re interested in learning more about our community, schedule a visit.

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