Why LifeCare is the Best Senior Living Option

[Updated: October 24, 2023 | Published: February 11, 2019]

When you join the Friendship Village of Dublin community, you aren’t just investing in a home; you’re investing in your future. We are the only retirement community in Dublin, Ohio offering true LifeCare services that guarantee compassionate care and protection of your assets from rising healthcare costs.

What is Lifecare?

LifeCare is a comprehensive long-term care plan that enables you to thrive well into retirement. The plan guarantees access to assisted living, skilled nursing and memory care support all for a steady rate, even if needs change as you age.

How does Lifecare compare to other retirement living options?

LifeCare is unlike other retirement living options because it consolidates all potential care needs into a steady monthly payment — providing the peace of mind that you’ll always have the care you need, when you need it. Here’s a quick breakdown of how it compares to other common senior living options.

Home Health Care

Home health care provides skilled, non-medical care for assistance with daily living from a qualified home health aide. These services are not covered by Medicare and are paid for on an as-needed basis. With an average cost of $25 per hour, this pay-as-you-go service can get costly quickly — especially if several hours of care are needed daily. Home health care also requires a family member to regularly coordinate care with the home health care services agency.

Rental Communities

While both rental and LifeCare communities have monthly service fees, amenities and community living options, there are important differences. Rental communities require a minimal buy-in fee and monthly fees increase with higher levels of care. For example, the monthly fee will increase if a person moves from independent living to assisted living. On the other hand, LifeCare communities require a one-time entrance fee that guarantees care for life at a steady rate — regardless if the level of care increases.

Assisted Living

When someone can no-longer complete activities of daily living  — like dressing, bathing and meal preparation — moving into an assisted living facility can provide the long-term care support needed. However, assisted living is already built into a LifeCare community’s care continuum. Because of this, it’s possible to remain in the same social community while moving into a higher level of care. LifeCare communities also provide skilled nursing and memory care support as needed — all for virtually no additional cost.

Like long-term care insurance policies, not everyone is qualified for LifeCare. Some LifeCare services are no longer an option. It’s critical that you plan ahead for the needs you may have far down the road.

Are you looking for a community that lets you thrive in retirement? Friendship Village of Dublin offers an all-inclusive retirement experience that brings together social connection, high-end amenities and holistic LifeCare services — all for a steady rate, regardless if your needs or circumstances change as you age. If you’re interested in learning more about our community, schedule a tour.


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