Wii Have Fun: The Joy of Wii Bowling

[Updated: September 3, 2018 | Published: September 3, 2018]

Friendship Village of Dublin offers Wii bowling Leagues and the game is open for all residents to use!

The Wii, an interactive video gaming system, can be enjoyed by people of any age. The gaming system is motion sensitive — meaning unlike regular video games it requires movement. Because the game mimics real-life, popular games include sports like golf, tennis, baseball and bowling.

Wii bowling is perfect for people at all life stages because it can be played from either a standing or seated position. Physical challenges can also be added to practice balance, engage the core and test motor skills.

The game is also a great way to become more social and active. It increases stimulation of both the physical and cognitive portions of the brain, and keeping these two areas healthy can help prevent cognitive decline.

Socializing, like playing an active game of Wii bowling, can lead to a longer life and may even lower risk for dementia. Anytime the brain is learning, new synapses are forming between neurons. This means Wii games can help create thousands of new connections in the brain as we age.

Engaging in low impact physical activities like this also keep our bodies healthy. Engaging in Wii activities encourages movements that are associated with improved cardiovascular health, increased balance, reduced weight and better sleep.

Overall, continuing to live an active lifestyle in retirement will enhance your quality of life. Friendship Village of Dublin is located in Columbus, Ohio, just off Riverside Drive, and offers many activities designed to improve social wellness.

Have you tried playing Wii bowling with your friends? If not, we challenge you to try it out this week!

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